URBAN FORESTATION - we need trees and trees need us

There was a time when cities were small and wrapped themselves around forests. With the passage of time, development tore through these beautiful landscapes and now the remaining old trees remind us what we had and what we lost. Our experiences of nature are directly connected with our urban identity, an identity that now seems to be dominated with concrete, revealing our fragility. This saddening and alarming situation made us look beyond making beautiful gardens to creating Urban Forests.

It was this need and passion that led us at Roots Araavia to partner with Acacia Eco, a company based in Ahmedabad who have been creating Urban Forests using smart and sustainable methods by creating green spaces and developing oxygen parks in cities. They have been engaged in transformative changes through the greening of schools, restoring mountains, revitalizing streets and shading homes.

Together with them, we too started looking at initiating an Urban Revolution by looking at the city in a different way. Using Miyawaki methodology of forestation which allows is not only faster, denser but a more sustained way to create modular forests.

Roots Araavia and Acacia Eco are working together to create forests using native trees.